Day Spring Center

2095 N Collins Blvd. #105
Richardson, Texas 75080


Phone: 214-893-4567

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The Day Spring Center has been providing Christian counseling services to the entire Dallas area community since 1989. Located in the Richardson Texas area we are very close to Plano and Dallas. We offer the science of counseling psychology which has been filtered through a values based foundation. Our menu of services is extensive. Counseling is available for both families and singles.

Telephone Counseling
is also available for those living at a distance or cannot otherwise come into the office.


Counseling Therapy For:

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As faith based, Christian counselors we are committed to providing a wide variety of services which enable us to be faithful to God and helpers to His family, Believers and non-believers alike.


We are also committed to:


Encouraging Believers to Be Spiritually Strong
Christian spirituality is the foundation of all values based and ethical lifestyles at work in our American culture today. Without a values based, moral and ethical basis it becomes impossible build up any programs of sufficient worth aimed at bettering emotional and family steadiness.


Helping People to Become Emotionally Strong
Emotionally strong persons are the very power of a society at large and the local community in particular.


Delivering Moral and Ethically Focused Counseling
Christian counseling, to be effective, must be of high caliber, pointed directly at the counseling issue and yet spiritually empowering delivering clear solutions to our serious life issues.'


Each Individual's Right to Life
The fulfillment of God's intention regarding the design of gender is the creation of life.